There’s No Place Like 127-0-0-1


There’s No Place Like 127-0-0-1 (±x)

Published on 26th May 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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[This is what happens when I use other people’s stuff without reading the actual legislation myself. So parts of my article are not relevant now but may well be in 2018, so planning is an option for many expats. However the paragraph entitled ‘No Involvement with UK Structures or Income Tax’ is still my position in the present and ongoing.

I am sure the HMRC Expatriate team in Manchester will be particularly disappointed by my news – ha ha!

Also LinkedIn does not allow 127 dot 0 dot 0 dot 1 in an article, just in case people were wondering 🙂


The area pictured in the photo above is Millstone Edge, Hathersage where I went on various orienteering exercises when I was a Warrant Officer in the Mount St Mary’s College Combined Cadet Force in the late 1980s.

Unfortunately my strategies to move to the UK and shifting significant assets there has now been put on ice indefinitely…

Finance Act 2017

On 27 April 2017 the Finance Act 2017 received Royal Assent:-

Notwithstanding that this is a massively cut down version of the original Finance Bill 2017, by around 600 pages:-

Finance Bill 2017: legislation and explanatory notes

certain items which remain are diametrically opposed to my plans for being Tax Resident in the UK again and/or transferring significant assets and/or their control to the UK.

Non-Domicile Status

I was born in Sri Lanka in 1972, and emigrated to the UK in 1973. I became a UK Citizen in 1985. At the time dual-nationality was not available so I dispensed with the LK citizenship.

My plan was always to return to Sri Lanka and retire there, and to be buried in the same burial plot as either my grandfather Chevalier J E M De Saram OBE or my great grandfather Professor W A E Karunaratne.

My connections to Sri Lanka were always quite strong in terms of extended family as well, and considering the entirety of information my domicile never changed from Sri Lanka.

I regained my Sri Lankan citizenship in 2001 and I am a dual-national, having resided here since June 2013 after suffering a heart attack in Singapore on 18 May 2013.

UK Taxation

Even my normal UK tax resident status was not affected by my LK domicile status. I knew from advice provided by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and others) in the late 1990s that there were significant advantages in relation to income tax and/or capital gains tax by being non-domiciled for UK taxation purposes.

An article published on 25 March 2017 in the UK Financial Times entitled ‘Non-dom’ tax change to hit thousands of returning expats’ provides a straightforward account of the issues:-

‘Non-dom’ tax change to hit thousands of returning expats

Key paragraphs are:-

“Thousands of British expats face significant bills if they return to the UK after new “non-dom” tax rules come into force in April.

The finance bill published this week will pare back the tax perks offered to people whose permanent home or “domicile” is outside the UK, imposing new limits on their ability to keep offshore income out of Britain’s tax net.

Permanent non-dom status will be abolished for anyone living in Britain for at least 15 of the past 20 years. Non-dom status for Britons who return to the UK but claim to have a permanent home abroad will also be removed.

The changes have caused consternation in Hong Kong and Singapore, where large numbers of Britons work in finance and legal services.”

In particular:-

“Expats affected by the change were born in the UK, started life with a British “domicile of origin”, but went overseas and put down roots, keeping their wealth outside the scope of the UK tax net even if they subsequently returned to the UK.

If they now return to the UK, they will be taxed on income and gains from any offshore trusts or companies they owned. They will also fall into the UK inheritance tax net, subject to a 12-month grace period.”

Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales

Financial Relevance

As many people know from my articles and generally, my unusual work:-

requires complex offshore structures. As my income (before I had the heart issues) was being directly settled into various special purpose vehicles and/or irrevocable trusts:-

Mareva Injunctions and Residential Property Structures

Thankfully the asset protection mechanisms that protect the significant assets are bullet-proof – trusts are irrevocable and my name appears nowhere, neither as associated with the trustee, a foundation member, a protector, nor even a beneficiary.

However other structures in which I am named as a beneficary could be an issue if I were tax resident in the UK.

Commercial Entities Owned and/or Controlled

This area is the largest problem if I were in the UK because I would not want the income of the entities to be assessed on me!

Many of the entities have massive taxable losses which could be utilised as we keep the different asset classes compartmentalised for obvious reasons.

As an example, entities in high taxation jurisdictions are used as the primary cost centres, whereas the revenue centres are all offshore, in zero or low tax jurisdictions and bulletproof.

The bottom line is that I would hate anything that gets in the way of longstanding tax strategies. The benefits of moving assets to the UK to truly maximise asset utilisation and me residing there would be completely eroded by the new Finance Act 2017.

No Involvement with UK Structures or Income Tax

With immediate effect I would confirm the following:-

(a) I will not be appointed as a Director and/or shareholder et cetera of any of the UK entities on 12 June 2017, as was the original plan. I will therefore remain unconnected to all entities and their activities.

(b) Ownership and/or control of overseas entities, either by me or a third party will not be transferred to the UK;

(c) Regularisation can still proceed via UK Chartered Accountants but that would be for audit, investigation and compliance purposes, rather than tax planning.

(d) I am definitely suing parties in the UK without question, and should security for costs be required then I would be more than happy to pay the security, rather than via existing UK asset utilisation, resulting from their transfer.


Whilst the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 was shocking:-

and its latest reincarnation the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 disgraceful in terms of Fundamental Human Rights:-

And the whole Brexit issue has been an abortion from the start:-

and the lack of a proper strategy and/or direction only means more crime:-

Overstretched police have enough problems with escalating terrorism:-

and given that I have worked on projects involving Weaponised Software:-

and look like a terrorist (the public’s stereotype) when I have not shaved, it is the Finance Act 2017 which means I will pass on the whole ‘UK thing’ for now. In fact Syria might be safer 🙂


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM



Jamming (±x)

Published on 4th May 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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I am sure my peers in the AU Australian Signals Directorate (“ASD”), UK Government Communications Headquarters (“GCHQ”) and US Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) understand the significance of my articles and videos…

The videos provide a rare glimpse of what happens when a Military / Law Enforcement Operation is run against someone who actually has significant tactical Military and Law Enforcement experience. In future check my background properly

In December 2016 I recovered these videos that I had made from 21 October 2015 and they demonstrate a mixture of jamming and cellular interception.

Penal Code

The Penal Code of Sri Lanka provides for a defendant to justify a violent act against an aggressor under the theory of “private defence.”

Every person is granted the right to defend his own body or the body of another “against any offence affecting the human body” or the property of himself or another against acts of “theft, robbery, mischief or criminal trespass.”

The right of private defense in no case extends to inflicting more harm than is necessary for the purposes of defense.

Accordingly Adrian Cumine (“the Cat”) obtained a Cellular Jammer when we were being jammed and our calls intercepted, and of course followed by various vehicles (under some flawed Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request no doubt).

Cell IDs and IMSI Catchers

This is the latest installment in Cell ID and IMSI – quite boring really but it does confirm that I was correct. As can be seen we have Base Transceiver Locations as well as the Cell IDs and Location Area Codes. Clearly a telecommunications device has provided this information to the mobile phone, and the software (which I am not the author of, and is commercial in nature and available from Google Play Store) independently confirms Cellular Interception.

There are a few duplicate screenshots but these videos are the first drafts, to assist parties in understanding that I do not suffer fools gladly and already have evidence on hand which exceeds various evidentiary burdens for different Causes of Action 🙂

However the continual connection of our mobiles to Fake Base Transceiver Stations resulted in deliberate introduction of malware which re-wrote mobile firmware (often when rebooting) and as well as the injection of malware onto our local area networks when such phones were connected.

This malware then elucidated our local area network topologies, both physical and logical, and then enumerated files containing specific keywords, either destroying or collecting files.

Watch these videos in HD – first up is SnoopSnitch

March 2015 onwards:-

September 2015 onwards was quite fascinating and I have some real gems in reserve of course.

This is the same Chamaree Silva who was writing the bogus Affidavits for the Melbourne Fraudsters et al – odd how she has forgotten that which actually transpired, instead lying about me along with everyone else:-

The Signalling System 7 Attack (“SS7”) against me from the UK one month before the 12/17 Fraud was a nice touch:-

Easy to understand article from the UK Guardian, April 2016:-

These images were obtained using Cell Map:-

July 2015 – 241 Images

August 2015 – 236 Images

September 2015 – 1542 Images

October 2015 – 1135 Images

November 2015 – 92 Images

December 2015 – 129 Images

Should parties be dim enough to still bring a case then I can say right now that Discovery will be running into tens of terabytes, and I have just recovered some really meaty evidence which really nails everyone.

In fact should any party attempt to commence judicial proceedings, I will immediately make an application to Stay those proceedings on the basis of Criminal Fraud and Perversion of the Course of Justice, and request that these latter [more complex] matters be fully determined first.

Adrian The Cat in Singapore – October 2015

We needed various items from Singapore as part of upgrading our commercial systems, and Adrian Cumine (aka The Cat) went to Sim Lim Square to obtain the same in October 2015. It was a useful test of the mobile phone software as well, and to gather further forensic evidence of foreign organisations who appear to have become obsessed with me 🙂

As the evidence shows there was a ridiculous amount of IMSI Catchers:-

Joanne Cochrane in Australia – January 2016

Here is the Cell Map Evidence of parties in Victoria, (the home of the Melbourne Fraudsters) monitoring and/or intercepting the calls of my colleague Joanne Cochrane (aka Twitchie), whom I had worked with between May 2007 and July 2016, and who was Director of Rhodium Australia Pty Ltd and involved in many Asset-holding structures in Australia.

As is evident, there was an excessive amount of Base Transceiver Stations which did not appear to be genuine, or function in a genuine manner. The evidence of the latter I will disclose at the right time when I collapse the case 🙂

GPS Accuracy is 4m (within usual range)

This is a good example of how a fake BTS has commanded the phone to change its method of GPS, resulting in loss of accuracy. A BTS can easily reprogram a mobile phone and introduce malware – don’t forget ‘Over The Air updates’ 🙂

Evidence of GPS Jamming against Joe in 2015

These two screenshots are classic – from the first the GPS Accuracy is 10m – not bad and acceptable I suppose.

However, once GPS Jamming was occurring, my GPS Accuracy fell to 91m – all over a period of 32 seconds:-

So what is the significance of GPS Jamming when identifying IMSI catchers? Well the main issue is that the Latitude and Longitude of the [Fake] Base Transceiver Station are affected. However I obtained a clever way around this as well and I will discuss it at the right time in a Court of Competent Jurisdiction 🙂

Identical Attack Signatures

So given the fact that the signatures of attack and modus operandi are IDENTICAL, and events are occurring in Australia as well as Sri Lanka CONCURRENTLY, there are two scenarios:-

  1. Sri Lankans are behind the operation, telling Australians what to do, providing Australians with expensive equipment and training, promising a better life for Australians in Sri Lanka, education of family members, Sri Lankan healthcare, and Residency Visas for living in Sri Lanka; or
  2. Australians are behind the operation, telling Sri Lankans what to do, providing Sri Lankans with expensive equipment and training, promising a better life for Sri Lankans in Australia, education of family members, Australian healthcare, and Residency Visas for living in Australia.

It is really not rocket science is it? It is extremely easy to Subpoena a Telecoms Provider to produce a detailed list of its Cell IDs and Location Area Codes, as well as connectivity of a specific MSISDN to its network.

This would further demonstrate the existence of Fake BTS and then specific parties who have obtained ‘Authorisations’ would be targeted to ascertain how such ‘Authorisations’ were obtained and then those ‘Authorisations’ would be quashed together with all associated derivative work products and/or further ‘Authorisations’.

Another Fine Mess that they have Got Themselves Into

All this could have been avoided if someone from the foreign parties concerned approached me in an official manner – interviewing me under caution would have been absolutely fine and the correct way to proceed.

Instead this bizarre Cloak & Dagger Operation was entered into, in some sad attempt to intimidate me – which has failed obviously…

[insert evidence]

and have a Staged Road Traffic Accident to break my neck and get me out of my house on 22 October 2015:-

use the opportunity thus created to install wireless cameras and mics:-

use Directed Energy Weapons to wipe data:-

the screen effect is characteristic of an Electromagnetic Pulse:-

and even continue to harm me using psychotronic weapons after all that:-

Using equipment against me that is effectively classified as Munitions which give adversaries an unfair advantage in legal cases, is utterly ridiculous!

People should have properly assessed my background and credentials in this area, as well as my hardcore personality type, instead of making such poor decisions in terms of strategy after reading incorrect Google Articles and listening to the Melbourne Fraudsters!

“Government Spooks don’t spook me!” – JSRDS


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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